Learning about more than code

June 7, 2019 @ 8:59 pm Posted to .Net by Antony Koch

Not every role is an education or exercise in improving ones development abilities. Not every client offers a rich domain in which one can exercise one’s desire to further understand DDD and its associate concepts. But each role does have something to offer if you’re prepared to look in other places.

With my current client, I’ve learned a lot about getting things delivered rather than building something perfect. I’ve finally learned how important documentation can be, not least when it comes to buying yourself more time for delivering value, because you’re not explaining the same thing to person 30, you’re sending them a link. And I’ve truly seen and understood the value of being a mentor and encouraging constant self improvement.

I’ve also had reinforced my opinion that processes and rules only serve as obstacles. That ceremonies should be discarded if they are not adding value. That trusting one’s team to get the job done trumps any other metric or heuristic. Do something that works, then reflect and see if we might make it better. But – and this is a big but – only in discussion with the team. Only with complete buy in from the team. We can agree that we all disagree and try something for a week, then reflect, adapt, and go again.

I have also seen how one person’s desire to continuously improve themselves and those around them can reap huge rewards. Now that person is leaving, I hope to take up the mantle of improving not only me, but all those around me, with regular katas, and a better, deeper engagement with juniors and mids.

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